EP 141: Would You Like to DITCH Your Mainframe

February 12, 2020


Dale Vecchio has tens of years in the mainframe business. 18 or so of those years was with Gartner covering the mainframe beat. Dale is now with LzLabs. They recently conducted a survey with Microsoft On mainframe use: info.lzlabs.com/lzlabs-microsoft-…ation-survey-2018

The results may or may not surprise you depending on your views on mainframes. It seems that a very high majority of mainframe users would like to ditch their mainframes if they could. There are some other interesting results here as well.

Of course LzLabs offers software as mainframe and Microsoft is not exactly known as a mainframe powerhouse. So I guess “take it with a a grain of salt” applies.

What do you think? Can we scale out in the cloud without scaling up as we do in mainframes or can we do it all in the cloud?

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Guest(s): Dale Vecchio
Categories: DevOps Chats 2018
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