EP 127: Jfrog Adds Pro Services with Acquisition of Trainologic

February 12, 2020


Yesterday JFrog announced it had acquired Trainologic. I sat down with Trainologic CEO Gal Marder, who is now Jfrog’s VP of DevOps Services and Jfrog’s CEO and co-founder, Shlomi Ben Haim.

Shlomi and Gla give us the reasons behind the acquisition and what the plan is for rolling DevOps professional services as part of the Jfrog bundle of offerings.

With so many companies adopting DevOps, the need for pro services to help them is a big need. Jfrog hopes to capitalize on this by creating pro serve commando units.

You can find out more here: jfrog.com/about/jfrog-acquires…ise-devops-services/

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Categories: DevOps Chats 2018
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