EP 102: BitDiscovery – A Revolutionary Way To Track All Of Your Digital Assets

February 12, 2020


When two legends in the InfoSec world start a new company, people take notice. Jeremiah Grossman and Robert “RSnake” Hansen recently announced their new venture BitDiscovery (www.bitdiscovery.com) was coming out of stealth, fresh off a venture raise and the acquisition Robert’s company, Outside Intel.
BitDiscovery offers a radically different way of doing asset inventory and website discovery. Rather than scanning when you want to discover your assets, with BitDiscovery, you just query the master database that the company has assembled and it tells you what it has already found there.
This is possible because BitDiscovery keeps a snapshot updated constantly of just about the entire Internet. That is one Big Data based solution right there.
Robert and Jeremiah are just the kind of guys to make something like this work. Also after speaking to them, I believe that with that kind of data, there will be a lot more uses for this technology that will present themselves to the BitDiscovery team.
With the track record of these two pioneers, look for big things!

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