EP 82: Microservices and Containers Mastering the Re-Platforming of the IT Infrastructure

February 12, 2020


Microservices and Containers: Mastering the Re-Platforming of the IT Infrastructure

The re-platforming of the enterprise IT infrastructure is no small undertaking and is usually provoked by a shifting set of key business drivers. That is precisely the case today. The term digital transformation is in the hearts, minds and on the lips of top-level business executives and IT leaders alike. The underlying traditional or legacy infrastructures that have dominated enterprise IT for nearly 30 years simply cannot handle the workloads or power the applications that will drive business decisively forward.

Both microservices and containers are destined to play a major role in this enterprise re-platforming, for different reasons. Containers for their part hold significant benefits both for developers and the development effort as well as for the organization itself. Understanding this range of benefits is instrumental to securing IT budget for containers going forward.

In this interview, Jim Scott, director, enterprise strategy and architecture at MapR, can discuss the most promising and compelling tools, technologies and solutions destined to play a major role in this re-platforming of the enterprise. Jim will highlight how to stay one clear step ahead as IT undertakes what is arguably its most mission-critical task in a generation.

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Guest(s): Jim Scott
Categories: DevOps Chats 2017
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