EP 50: The DevOps Adoption Playbook, Sanjeev Sharma

February 12, 2020


Sanjeev Sharma of IBM has a new book out called the DevOps Adoption Playbook, a guide to adopting DevOps in a multi-speed IT enterprise. Let me say that this is no book for dummies either.

The DevOps Adoption Playbook represents the sum total of the many DevOps lessons and learning that Sanjeev has accumulated in his role as a CTO and leader of DevOps at IBM. Much of it is based on the workshops he has done all over the world with literally dozens of enterprises.

As I told Sanjeev after reading the book, “in a market full of books on “what is”, this is a book on “how to”. I think you will enjoy this chat.

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Guest(s): Sanjeev Sharma
Categories: DevOps Chats 2017
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