EP 44: DevOps Virtual Summit Preview w Dr. Nicole Forsgren, DORA

February 12, 2020


Tuesday, March 7th CA is sponsoring the DevOps Virtual Summit. There are some great guests scheduled to speak including two of the founders of DORA, Gene Kim and Dr. Nicole Forsgren. DevOps.com had a chance to catch up with Dr. Nicole and ask her about her presentation at the virtual summit, what is new at DORA and what we may be seeing in the coming months. Nicole gives us some great info on new books and offerings from DORA as well as why you really should attend the DevOps Virtual Summit.

If you would like to register to attend the summit, you can do athttps://resources.infoworld.com/ccd/show/2000…FW4EV1XD3HMX/

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Categories: DevOps Chats 2017
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