EP 41: Why Real Transformation Starts with Culture, Bryson Koehler and Shelbee Smith-Eigenbrode

February 12, 2020


While culture is of the utmost importance to enable digital transformation, there are many other milestones in a successful DevOps journey. Join Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief, DevOps.com, as he hosts Bryson Koehler, GM, Distinguished Engineer and CTO of IBM Watson and Cloud Platform, and Shelbee Smith-Eigenbrode, Senior Software Engineer/IT Architect at IBM. Learn about challenges that The Weather Company (TWC) faced during the transition from TWC, to being TWC: an IBM company. Koehler is CTO of IBM’s newly formed Watson and Cloud Platform, as well as GM and distinguished engineer for IBM. Prior to this role, he served as executive vice president, distinguished engineer and CIO/CTO of TWC. He has an extraordinary record of leading significant business transformations and underlying cultural shifts. To do so successfully, Koehler maintains cultural change must first be incited in tech companies at the developer level. While at TWC, Koehler built a DevOps culture and practice that encourages transparency, accountability and collaboration. It is his mission to replicate this model in the transformation of IBM’s culture from a legacy IT enterprise to a true cloud platform company.

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