EP 36: DevOps Chat Aruna Ravichandran, Co-Author DevOps for Digital Leaders

February 12, 2020


Our first DevOps Chat of 2017 is with Aruna Ravichandran, co-author of DevOps for Digital Leaders. When not writing Aruna is a VP of DevOps marketing at CA Technologies. Over the course of her career Aruna has been a code writing engineer, in addition to a business executive, so she brings a great perspective to what it takes to successfully lead DevOps transformations.

Our chat is actually a pre-cursor to a full Q & A webinar we will be producing with Aruna, where we will dive much deeper into the book’s subject matter. The webinar is January 17th and you can sign up to attend for free at webinars.devops.com/devops-digital-leaders.

Aruna is a very interesting person and the book is great. It is also available for free in electronic form, as well for sale in hardcover on Amazon and other book outlets. All proceeds from the book go to charity to enable gifted student to attend university who would otherwise be challenged due to economic hardship. Just another reason to listen to the chat, attend the webinar and check out the book 🙂

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