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EP 30: Hayden Lindsey, IBM – DevOps and Enterprise Systems

EP 30: Hayden Lindsey, IBM – DevOps and Enterprise Systems


Our guest in this DevOps Chat is Hayden Lindsey, VP of DevOps and Enterprise Systems and distinguished engineer at IBM. Beyond the title though, Hayden is a great gentlemen who I have had the pleasure of interviewing several times over the years.

Hayden and his team have done a great job of not only keeping the “big iron” systems working the world over, but in fact teaching some of these “old dogs new tricks”. Hayden and IBM’s Enterprise System Group have leveraged technologies like DevOps and Agile to make todays enterprise systems work better and faster, keeping up with even the highest performing IT teams. Hayden tells us about the latest offerings from his team as well as discussing “Cognitive DevOps.”

I think you will enjoy Hayden’s view of the market right now.

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Guest(s): Hayden Lindsey
Date: October 15, 2016
Categories: DevOps Chats 2016

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