Ransomware Attacks: Who You Gonna Call? – CISO Talk EP 35

May 2, 2023

Every CISO knows it’s not a matter of ‘if’ a cybersecurity incident will occur, but ‘when.’ Fortunately, there’s one name at the top of every CISO’s incident response list: Stephen Reynolds, partner in Baker McKenzie’s Intellectual Property & Technology Practice. Reynolds built a well-deserved reputation as a bulwark between organizations and the cybercriminals who attack them, and he is rightly seen as the man who can make the difference between an organization living on to fight another day and total devastation. In this episode of CISO Talk, Stephen shares his experience responding to cybersecurity threats with hosts Mitch Ashley and JJ and talks about how decisions made early on can have a significant impact later in a security incident, when to call your cyberinsurance provider, when to involve law enforcement, what to communicate and what to keep to yourself and how to successfully negotiate with cybercriminals in ransomware situations.

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