The Trigger Event – CISO Talk EP 26

May 3, 2022


CISO Talk Master Class Pt. 3 “The Trigger Event – How to Implement an Active Response Strategy & Practice” From the time a cyber incident happens, your organization has 20 minutes to stop it. Is your organization prepared to respond efficiently if a breach occurs? Today, having a cybersecurity event is inevitable. Organizations that have an active response plan in place are much better positioned to protect their data and their business from unexpected cyberattacks. An active response strategy enables organizations to prepare in advance, so when an attack happens they will be able to respond effectively and avoid as much damage as possible.

In this episode, Mitch Ashley and Mat Newfield are joined by Anthony Johnson (Delve Risk) and Joel Fulton (Lucidem) discuss the key elements of an active response strategy, how to test the readiness of an organization if a breach occurs and the best way to identify gaps in your process.

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