Revolutionizing Software Delivery: Unveiling the Power of CI/CD and GitOps – The CD Pipeline Show EP 10

February 19, 2024

Join hosts Alan Shimel and Lori Lorusso to kickoff the CD Pipeline Show for 2024. This panel brings together industry leaders to dissect the compelling relationship between CI/CD and GitOps. By marrying declarative approach, version control, automation and continuous reconciliation, GitOps has emerged as a game-changer. The discussion will delve into practical strategies, real-world case studies, and the amplified efficiency, scalability, and reliability that CI/CD and GitOps offer. Our panelists Christian Hernandez (Akuity), Dadisi Sanyika (Spinnaker), Philippe Ensarguet (Orange) and Natale Vinto (Red Hat) will discuss and explore how this fusion is reshaping the Continuous Delivery and DevOps landscape and driving software delivery to new heights.

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