Advancing Testing in Continuous Delivery: Unveiling Challenges, Strategies, and the CD Foundation’s Initiatives – The CD Pipeline EP 8

July 24, 2023

As software development practices evolve, continuous delivery (CD) has become a popular approach for accelerating the delivery of high-quality software products. Robust testing methodologies introduced throughout the software development life cycle are central to the success of CD, but there are some challenges organizations need to address first.

This panel brings together industry experts Tracy Ragan (CEO at DeployHub), Kohsuke Kawaguchi (Co-CEO at Launchable) and Ole Lensmar (CTO at Testkube) to explore the importance of testing in continuous delivery and its impact on the overall software development process.

Along with hosts Alan Shimel and Lori Lorusso, the panelists will delve into the challenges faced by organizations seeking to adopt CD, how testing plays a pivotal role in mitigating risks associated with frequent software releases and what the CD Foundation is doing to advance the state of testing in continuous delivery.

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