Decoding Platform Engineering: A Critical Dialogue with DevOps and CD Leaders – The CD Pipeline EP 11

April 11, 2024

What is platform engineering, and what makes it critical for today’s organizations? Come explore this question with our distinguished panel of DevOps and Continuous Deployment (CD) experts. We’ll dive into the ways organizations are adopting Platform Engineering, its challenges, its efficacy as a solution, and how open source ecosystems and projects are driving its evolution. We’ll also examine the importance of interoperability in ensuring these systems’ success. Hosts Alan Shimel and Lori Lorusso are joined by a panel with diverse professional backgrounds: Tiffany Jachja (Autodesk), Dadisi Sanyika (Apple), Andrew Fong (Prodvana) and Nima Kaviani (AWS), so prepare for a lively, insightful and spirited discussion.

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