cdCon Sneak Peek – The CD Pipeline EP 6

April 17, 2023

Continuous delivery (CD) and GitOps can seem intimidating, but they don’t have to be! Whether you’re brand-new to CD and GitOps or have been using these methodologies for a while, there’s plenty to learn at cdCon +GitOpsCon. The cdCon program committee reviewed nearly 200 submissions and curated a great program with amazing technical content and community-focused sessions from project maintainers, end users and notables in the CD space.Participants will connect with and learn from practitioners about pitfalls to avoid, hurdles to jump and how to adopt the most popular open source GitOps and CD technologies such as Argo, Flux, Jenkins, Tekton and CDEvents in your cloud-native environment. In this episode, hosts Alan Shimel and Lori Lorusso are joined by members of the cdCon program committee members Adam Kaplan (Red Hat) and Andrew Fond (Prodvana) to discuss the event and why they think cdCon + GitOpsCon is a must-attend event for anyone working with GitOps and CD.

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