Sanjeev Sharma – Your (lack of) Data Strategy is Killing your Digital Transformation

June 7, 2020


Way too many Digital Transformation efforts are struggling. Whether being driven by a desire to modernize business processes and systems, or a business focus to drive innovation by leveraging Cloud Services, or a goal to become a data-driven business that is utilizing Machine Learning and AI inferences to make business decisions, data is being found to be a major source of friction. Most organizations do not have the data culture and the accompanying organizational structures in place to effectively and efficiently extract business value from their their data, either by monetizing it internally by making data-driven decisions, or externally by taking the insights and inferences to market. They do not have a Data Strategy in place that treats their data across the enterprise as a ‘Product’. A Product they can derive significant business value from.

In this session, Sanjeev Sharma, Principal analyst at Accelerated Strategies, will explore what it takes to adopt such a Data Strategy and scale it at an enterprise. The challenges that need to be overcome to ensure the cultural inertia to become a Data-driven is overcome. To ensure that Data-as-a-product is a driver of Digital Transformation, not an inhibitor.

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Guest(s): Sanjeev Sharma
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