Helen Beal – Community and Capitalism

June 7, 2020


The dawn of DevOps was driven by community; we can trace its genesis back to the very first DevOpsDays in Ghent in 2009, a volunteer-led event that spawned hundreds in its own form and a global movement of humans who want to work better. Whilst not every organization is a capitalist organization, there are plenty of charities and governmental organizations after all, there are myriad examples of enterprises whose goal is to generate profits and shareholder value no matter what their higher organizational purpose that persist in pursuing DevOps values and sharing stories of their own endeavors. Whilst capitalism may seem at odds with the idea of community, of practitioners volunteering their expertise and experiences to be shared with like-minded souls, so this talk seeks to explore what giving and taking means, how generosity is paid forward and how communities create learning opportunities for the global greater good.

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Guest(s): Helen Beal
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