The 7 Deadly Diseases of DevOps

May 1, 2020

1h 3m

In the 1982 best-selling book “Out of the Crisis,” W. Edwards Deming introduced the world to ‘The Seven Deadly Diseases’, a list of the most serious barriers to success management faced within an organization. Years later, software is eating the world – and businesses are scrambling to keep up. With DevOps reaching the 10-year milestone, it’s time for a checkup!

In this webinar, John Willis (Electric Cloud advisor and co-author of The DevOps Handbook) and Anders Wallgren (CTO, Electric Cloud) will discuss the “7 Deadly Diseases of DevOps” that inhibit IT organizational success and share examples of how to uncover these diseases through a process of organizational forensics.

You will learn:

1) Why you can’t “Lean, Agile, SAFE or DevOps” your way around longstanding organizational habits
2) How and where human capital intersects with technology
3) The keys to long-term improvement

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Categories: 2020 Webinars, DevOps
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