Staying Afloat in a Sea of Data: Downsampling Time Series Data At Scale

June 22, 2020


What do you do when you have so much data, that it’s hard to query, and you’re preparing for 2-3x the volume during the Cyber 5 weekend?

Chris Clark of Wayfair will discuss a new Aggregation Framework leveraging a variety of tools including Kafka, Telegraf, Kapacitor and InfluxDB to downsample high volume time series metrics. Chris will go over the evolution of the Version 1 Architecture and will discuss some challenges that were overcome and some that still need to be addressed in order to scale even further.
Mainframe applications underpin many critical business processes, executing vast numbers of financial transactions, storing terabytes of data and supporting major brands around the globe. Organizations continue to invest in software tools to move to DevOps, automated workflows, CI/CD and IDE integration to accelerate development and manage the complexity. Mainframes are and will be a critical part of organizations path to economic growth.

Join us on May 21st when ASG Technologies and Mitch Ashley, a former CIO and current CEO of the analyst firm Accelerated Strategies Group, will share the importance of advancing mainframes with DevOps processes and toolchains and the vital role mainframes will continue to play in an organizations future.

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Guest(s): Chris Clark
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