Securing Kubernetes Applications with HashiCorp Vault

May 1, 2020


Applications running in Kubernetes depend on many different sources of secure information, API keys, database credentials, and the ability to encrypt information in transit and at rest. HashiCorp Vault can manage all of these different secret sources and also allows you to apply a consistent workflow across them.
In this talk, we look at HashiCorp Vault and how it can be integrated into your Kubernetes workflow, fulfilling all your application’s secret needs. We take a high-level overview of Vault’s architecture and what it means for you as a developer or operator. Examine Vault’s security model and how it integrates with Kubernetes. And finally, look at three simple usage patterns, how to migrate Kubernetes secrets into HashiCorp Vault, how to use Vault to generate x509 certificates to secure your applications, and how you can use Vault as encryption as a service to secure data at rest.

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Guest(s): Nic Jackson
Categories: 2020 Webinars, DevOps
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