Running on Amazon EKS – How Greenlight Gets Security Right

June 22, 2020

1h 1m

Like so many FinTech innovators, Greenlight has turned to containers and Kubernetes to enable rapid application development. It’s also turned to AWS to host many of its apps, so the company can focus internal resources on teaching financial literacy to the next generation.

As Greenlight has containerized more of its apps, and as its customer base keeps growing, it’s had to confront the enviable growth challenges of scalability and security. Nearly 80% of its applications now run in Kubernetes, many on AWS EKS, and Greenlight needed security that could run at the same pace and scale. Join Greenlight’s senior DevOps engineer Ken De La Guera and architect Chris Byrd as they share insights on:

the migration from EC2 to EKS,
Greenlight’s role in the shared responsibility model,
the top security use cases taking priority,
how Greenlight is enabling DevSecOps to reduce friction.

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Categories: 2020 Webinars, Security
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