Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks Through Proper Third-Party Risk Management

May 1, 2020


Cyber attacks from nation-state actors and their proxies are on the rise. Many of these attackers seek a broader scale to do more damage than simply defacing a website with embarrassing propaganda or by causing a temporary internet outage with a DDOS attack. These hackers often have significant backing and resources from their nation-state sponsors, officially or unofficially.
Increasingly, they are targeting key infrastructures such as power utilities, financial networks, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and state and local governments. A popular tactic is to come in through vendors or managed service providers where they can leverage one successful hack to access dozens of entities. This makes proper vendor and third-party risk management more important than ever.
In this webinar, “Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks Through Proper Third-Party Risk Management” we will discuss the threats, methods and attack vectors that hackers are using, with recent examples followed by best practice areas to focus on in order to secure your organization from these types of cyberattacks.

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Categories: 2020 Webinars, Security
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