Prepare your DevOps Culture to Withstand the Digital Experience Onslaught

June 22, 2020


Your Digital Experience (DX) will be compared to Google. We all do it. Everyone compares the flappy bird experience to the online banking experience. The challenge is the application IS your business, and that’s why DX is exploding our lives in DevOps.

Elevating the digital experience transformed how we build apps, ship apps, support apps – even our team structures and business models. Every company is now a technology company.

Want to avoid spending your life log-surfing in war rooms? You will hear how to:

Avoid obsessing over metrics that don’t matter
Map the customer journey from the smartphone to the database
Eliminate release problems BEFORE they hit production
Set watchpoints in production for when you forgot to set breakpoints
Focus on what the customer sees and will pay for
You are not alone, there are people and tools that can help. Hear from two industry leaders who may have broken something major in their careers. Learn from their stories.

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