Outside Looking In: How to Stop the Rapid Rise of Insider Threats

June 22, 2020


Even in good times, insider threats are challenging to identify. Insiders have access. They know what normal behavior is expected. They know the network, the organization, and the culture. All making it easier for them to deceive and hide their tracks. With defensive systems weakened, the opportunity increases for employees with ill intent to gain and maintain enhanced access and privileges undetected.

Anomaly detection and other tools most often used to identify insider behavior have suddenly been rendered useless. Behavioral monitoring never worked well at finding needles in haystacks, but in a crisis like this, when everything looks like a needle, it falls over completely. No normal baseline exists. Everything is an anomaly.

In this webinar, Illusive Networks Field CTO Wade Lance and former City National Bank CISO Karl Mattson will explore how to successfully deal with insider threats during the current moment as workforces massively shift to remote environments. At a time when incident response teams are overrun with alerts, analytical tools are failing to keep up with changing activity patterns, and economies are dealing with unprecedented changes, better insider threat strategies are needed to more accurately identify and respond to potential risk. Join our webinar to hear more about what those insider threat strategies should look like and gain practical tips for implementing those tactics quickly.

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Guest(s): Wade Lance
Categories: 2020 Webinars, Security
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