Managing Change in a Modern DevOps-Powered Enterprise

May 1, 2020


Industry consensus is that 60 to 90% of all performance and availability issues are caused by some type of change.
DevOps teams are battling to manage change in complex heterogeneous enterprise environments, combining micro-services running on auto-scaling containerization platforms with “brownfield” applications using scalable cloud infrastructure and legacy backend systems. So how can peak performance and stability be maintained in complex enterprise cloud environments, without agility being undermined? DevOps organizations need to effectively answer both questions “What’s wrong” and “What changed” to prevent incidents even before there is any symptom of performance degradation or availability threat.
The answers should extend from microservice code updates, to AWS account configuration changes, to operating system patches in legacy environments. Working together, AppDynamics and Evolven provide an integrated solution correlating actual changes with performance data and generating actionable insights based on changes that caused or will cause instability.
In this webinar we’ll show you how this integrated solution helped a large international financial institution to successfully manage a complex and dynamic application environment, while increasing the frequency and volume of delivered changes.

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