Keeping Things Running: How Datadog and PagerDuty Count on Each Other to Drive DevOps

June 22, 2020


PagerDuty and Datadog are two leaders in the DevOps world. Millions trust and rely on these two platforms to monitor complex environments, collaborate across teams and time zones, and quickly respond to issues ranging from slight latency to full-on failures. Both platforms complement each other—consistently ranking as one of each other’s most popular integrations. But the relationship between these two organizations runs deep. PagerDuty relies on Datadog to monitor its own infrastructure and in turn, Datadog utilizes PagerDuty to drive its own DevOps workflows and build its incident response capabilities.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
How Datadog builds a strong incident management workflow with PagerDuty. And how you can too, along with arranging overlapping on-call schedules, creating custom alerts, or leading response teams across time zones.
How PagerDuty leverages Datadog. And how customers can monitor their environment and view metrics, logs, and traces; ensure usability with features like Browser Tests; and more—all in a single pane of glass.
How to use these two platforms in tandem to reduce detection and response times, create business value, and create a better quality of life for engineers.

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