How to Standup an Application Security Program Fast—A Practical and Strategic Approach

June 22, 2020


With software applications at the heart of both business and life, security has never been more critical. If your applications are at risk, so too is your business and the people using them. But when building applications today you face conflicting requirements: you must get them into production fast in order to be competitive while ensuring they are secure—even as the number of vulnerabilities and subsequent breaches escalates.

In this webinar chat, ZeroNorth’s Thaddeus Walsh and Joanne Godfrey will discuss some of the key challenges technology and security teams face as they seek to quickly ramp up an efficient and effective app sec program and will offer some best practices to address these challenges. This chat will cover:

The different types of assessments that make up an application security program, how they’re performed and why each is important.
How to gain the necessary value from your app sec tools to find and fix critical problems, detect gaps in security and understand risk from the business perspective.
How security and development can work hand-in-hand to deliver effective application security, without holding up delivery processes.
Thinking strategically while taking a practical approach: recommendations for creating the foundation for a long-term comprehensive app sec program.

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