Going Cloud Native in an Uncertain World

June 22, 2020


It’s always a good time to consider a move to cloud-native architecture—taking full advantage of the distributed, scalable, flexible nature of the public cloud to maximize your focus on writing code, creating business value and keeping customers happy. In a time of uncertainty there can be gains for developers and leaders alike.

Going cloud-native means simplifying work for engineers—obscuring many layers of infrastructure: networks, servers, operating systems etc. Employing Kubernetes opens up a whole new world for managing cloud infrastructure.

Join Micah Martin, Director of Engineering at Soul Cycle and Kendall Miller, President of Fairwinds as they discuss some real world examples of the benefits of deploying Cloud-Native technology in today’s uncertain environment:

Crisis as a Catalyst for Tackling Tech Debt
Managing More with Less
How to go from a Monolith to Containers to Kubernetes
Best Practices in a Time-Crunched Migration
Security (and Networking) in an Ephemeral World
Why the Cloud isn’t just another Datacenter

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