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5 Reasons Why Organizations Struggle to See “Value” in Agile DevOps

5 Reasons Why Organizations Struggle to See “Value” in Agile DevOps


It seems some Agile & DevOps initiatives are not delivering significant “business” benefits. Many feel that IT is executing and delivering some really cool “science projects”. However, customers and stakeholders either don’t notice or don’t care which means that your Agile and DevOps initiative isn’t doing its job. Nevertheless, there is a sea change happening around “value streams” with Agile & DevOps called Value Stream Management.
Join us for an exciting webinar where we will share findings from a recent study by Forrester Research commissioned by CollabNet VersionOne on how successful software organizations are applying Value Stream Management to Agile & DevOps initiatives to create a culture of continuous delivery across the entire organization (across teams, departments, suppliers, etc.) that directly drives business outcomes enabling products to flow to customers with orders of magnitude higher velocity, quality, and security!

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Date: February 20, 2020
Categories: 2020 Webinars, DevOps

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