How To Ship Secure Code With Confidence

April 30, 2020


It is estimated that, globally, 111 billion lines of code is produced every single year. In a rapidly digitising world, that number is only set to grow larger… along with the potential for more security issues. We are facing an uphill battle against a general AppSec skills shortage, the need for production at the speed of company innovation, and siloed teams not working to the same application security goals. With over 4 billion records stolen as a result of data breaches in 2019 alone, this has to change.

Security awareness programmes remain a powerful, yet underutilised tool to inspire organisations to stay security-focused and engage teams to do their part in the fight against vulnerable code. With the right security awareness programme, you can effectively bridge the gap between the AppSec and dev cohorts, fostering a positive and collaborative culture to achieve common goals and create a better standard of software.

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Guest(s): Matias Madou
Categories: 2020 Secure Coding
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