Tracy Ragan – Achieving Business Agility with Microservices

October 7, 2020


Some might wonder “what is the point of a Kubernetes architecture?” Besides the obvious benefits of 100% fault tolerance and auto scaling, business agility is the real reason for moving to a fully cloud native Kubernetes platform. We have talked about agile development practices for years…but we have never achieved agile practices beyond updating code. Everything beyond development — from builds to release — have continued to be monolithic. To achieve business agility, application teams must be able to update small functions of their solutions, quickly and safely, without the need to go through a full application lifecycle process. Pushing innovation to end users with minimal impact and time is core to achieving business agility. This session will explore how microservices is truly our last mile of agile practices and essential for the creation of a modern software architecture.

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Guest(s): Tracy Ragan
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