Rob Hirschfeld – Taking Kubernetes to the Edge: RPi + IaC + K3s = EdgeLab.Digital

October 7, 2020


Kubernetes automation on-premises and bare metal is hard, but it’s also critical. We wanted an inexpensive, multi-node environment for learning and practicing — where lessons learned and automation created could be applied more generally. And that’s why we brought full infrastructure as code (IaC) controls to Raspberry Pis. In this demo-focused session, we’ll show how uses Digital Rebar to provide PXE boot, immutable O/S and API-driven automation control of RPis to build Kubernetes (k3s) and OpenFaaS. Designed for edge and enterprise operators, attendees will learn how this easy-to-duplicate-at-home demo creates a true desktop data center using the community edition of Digital Rebar to enable netboot for RPis and install CNCF sandbox project K3s. The same code learned in this demo session can run any COTS infrastructure and is currently running multinational banks in the EdgeLab.

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Guest(s): Rob Hirschfeld
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