Ravi Lachhman – Scaling and Simplicity – Idea to Production in Kubernetes

October 7, 2020


The adage in computer science is that we are just moving complexity around like an abacus. When looking towards new architectures and especially with cloud-native workloads, we sometimes focus on the scaling aspect. When Harness migrated to Kubernetes recently, we chose to embody both simplicity and scaling as the driving pillars of our journey. With such critical workloads internally and externally, we took to heart several Site Reliability Engineering [SRE] principles when designing our Kubernetes platform and workloads for self-service. Join this session and learn tips and tricks to respect both simplicity and scaling. One approach certainly doesn’t fit all and being pragmatic to the workloads and teams you support is key for success.

Three Takeaways:
– Simplicity has virtue especially when trouble-shooting
– Being pragmatic for your organization and team
– Don’t be insulted if the ecosystem moves quickly and you have to change your approach

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Guest(s): Ravi Lachhman
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