Pawan Shankar – Securing containers across EKS, ECS and Fargate environments

October 7, 2020


Your DevOps teams need to embed security as they ramp containers and Kubernetes in production. As cloud providers release new services constantly, you not only need visibility inside containers, but also the cloud infrastructure, applications and services used by your teams. With a secure DevOps workflow, your team can spend more time developing apps and less time reacting to issues. Running secure containers requires that security and DevOps work better together. Join us to understand how to:
● Automate scanning including for Fargate workloads within CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins,
Gitlab) and registries (ECR, GCR)
● Detect runtime threats with open-source tools like Falco and continuously monitor your
cloud using AWS CloudTrail
● Conduct incident response and forensics, even after the container is gone
● Continuously validate compliance against PCI, NIST, CIS. etc.

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Guest(s): Pawan Shankar
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