Carolyn Van Slyck – The Devil is in the Deployments

October 7, 2020


Can you deploy your entire app from scratch with a Helm install? Or do you have cloud infra and hosted services that you rely on? The cloudy bits that make your app cloud native. Cloud Native Application Bundles, the CNAB spec, was designed to solve deployment problems that we all have been quietly battling with, mostly with hope and bash. Bundles come in handy when deploying applications that don’t live neatly inside of just Kubernetes. Let’s learn when bundles make sense, when they don’t, and what your day could look like if you were using them:
– Install tools to manage your app: helm, aws/azure/gcloud, terraform.
– Deploy your app along with its infra: cloud storage, dns entry, load balancer, ssl cert.
– Get software and its dependencies into air gapped networks.
– Manage disparate operational tech, such as Helm or Terraform, across teams and departments.
– Secure your pipeline.

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