Tracey Jaquith – Simple Cluster Deployments Using Nomad and Gitlab CI/CD

October 10, 2020


GitLab has made full CI/CD with Kubernetes a snap!

But what if you’re managing clusters on-prem?
Or perhaps Kubernetes feels like more than you need for a simple deployment or prototype?

In this talk, Tracey will show some simple ways to get a HashiCorp Nomad cluster up quickly, tied in to GitLab, and ready for deployment. Having been both the Kubernetes admin and Nomad admin at Tracey will share some of her real-world experiences to highlight the similarities and differences when using each with GitLab CI/CD.

A demo will include showing how to create a simple generic nomad job template that substitutes in GitLab CI/CD variables to make nice job names and nice DNS names. The result will deploy and auto-version with each commit/push.

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Guest(s): Tracey Jaquith
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