Nicolas Chaillan – DevSecOps in Government and Highly Regulated Industries Keynote

October 10, 2020


While it may not be obvious, both Government and Industry face the same challenges:

Responsiveness to changing conditions to bring new features and functions to market
Need to keep ahead of competition / threats
Security risks and posture
Rapid time to deliver

Join us as Nicolas Chaillan, Chief Software Officer for the U.S. Air Force, who has been instrumental in leveraging DevSecOps in exciting new ways, highlights some of the innovations that the USAF has implemented, such as;

Software Factory Concept
Setting up off-base teams to address specific software requirements
Engaging Interns and enlisted/employees in the process
Hardened Software Images
Repository of Government approved, hardened software
Process to submit and obtain approval
Best Practices in Government and Regulated industries to adopt this new paradigm of software development

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