Mattai Montanari – Scientific Computing and Engineering Design Accelerated by CI/CD

October 10, 2020


The UK has recently launched ASiMoV, one of the largest projects in high-performance computing (HPC) that ambitiously aims to deliver the world’s first high-fidelity simulations of a complete gas-turbine engine during operation. Each simulation must be reproducible and therefore underpinned by a code that is extremely reliable as well as extensively tested….and changes to the code must be trusted to not introduce unintended flaws.

CI/CD is a key enabler to execute ASiMoV and the entire infrastructure heavily relies on Gitlab—from unit testing all the way to website deployment, including the distribution of containerized development environments. Discover how the application of CI/CD to scientific computing, in the context of an extraordinary engineering project, is leading toward “virtual certification” of gas-turbine engines.

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