Mario Kleinsasser – To Go Where No One Has Gone Before…

October 10, 2020


What does it look like for a team to adopt Docker and GitLab CI/CD when they haven’t been using them previously?

In 2015 we started to use GitLab-CE at STRABAG. After using OpenVZ containers since 2006 my team and I decided to move to Docker in 2017. We ran our first GitLab pipeline job in 2018 and now we are running more than 50k jobs per month.

With our first CI/CD run we decided to fully commit ourselves to the GitOps philosophy and during the upcoming years, we hit a lot of obstacles. But, these experiences welded us together even more. By using GitLab we invented a lot of new tools but the most important thing was that we have built it up together, bottom up, with us as individuals.

Follow my talk and see how we started our adventure through the endless space of the GitLab galaxy and listen how we are using our experience, our knowledge and our team friendship to build up creative innovative solutions today. You will see that together with human friendship you can go where no one has gone before.

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