Laurel Farrer – Remote to the Rescue: How Virtual Jobs are Saving the World

October 10, 2020


[Darren asked Laurel for an absctract on July 15, 2020]
The benefits of remote work extend far beyond casual wardrobe choices and commutes to the kitchen. In fact, the conversion of physical jobs into virtual roles can support at least 14 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. If our society truly wants to capitalize on the benefits of remote work to its highest potential, employers need to be ready and willing to accept that the future of work is already here and fortify their organizations to support the virtual workforce.

So, next time you see a picture of a digital nomad lounging on a beach with a laptop, remember this: remote work isn’t about convenience, it’s about change. Virtual jobs aren’t indulging humanity, they’re allowing it to heal and thrive. In short, remote work can change the lives of our workers, our businesses, and our communities.

This presentation covers the 5 socioeconomic benefits of virtual jobs, plus the change management process we need to globally initiate to make remote work equally accessible and permanently sustainable.

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Guest(s): Laurel Farrer
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