Keith Lee and Ivan Tarin – VMware Tanzu Demo: GitOps with TMC and GitLab

October 10, 2020


With VMware Tanzu Mission Control or rather TMC, you can manage all conformant Kubernetes clusters regardless of where they are running—vSphere, VMware TKG & TKGI, Public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google), Managed services (EKS, AKS, GKE), packaged distributions (OpenShift, Rancher) and DIY.

This short video shows one of Tanzu Mission Control’s capabilities GitOps, and how it’s used to manage fleets of Kubernetes clusters. Treating the actual clusters as cattle and not as pets is a best practice in the industry.

We will specifically address finer details that are not always covered like creating cluster groups. Then, manage the lifecycle by creating and upgrading Kubernetes clusters. Finally, we apply policies designating the workgroups that can edit a cluster and allow image registries to integrate. By leveraging Gitlab to store TMC files and automatically implement changes in these files.

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