John Senegal – Red Hat Demo: Jumpstart Your Development With GitLab and OpenShift

October 10, 2020


Taking an idea and moving it to production can involve several tools, sometimes a tool for every stage. Managing the integrations, compatibility issues, and different service level agreements can make development more complex and unpredictable. One way to improve predictability of the development environment is by deploying the Gitlab Runner operator for Red Hat® OpenShift® .
In this session, you will learn how GitLab Certified Runner Operator can be installed into OpenShift from the OpenShift Operator Hub. This gives development and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) teams a simple deployment mechanism for the GitLab Runner as they spin up new projects, allowing you to:
– Build and not worry about tooling.
– Enable predictability in your development lifecycle.
– Accelerate the process of moving from concept to production.
Deploying GitLab and Red Hat together supports the customer’s journey to Dev/Ops and cloud native application development, while delivering the powerful CI/CD platform needed to build and run your applications.

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Guest(s): John Senegal
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