Jeff Simpson and Josh Tatum – Oracle Demo: Cross Domain DevSecOps with GitLab and Oracle Cloud

October 10, 2020


Join our demonstration of how GitLab and Oracle Cloud can simplify your DevSecOps processes that leverage open development networks and require deployment into classified, tactical-edge, or other controlled environments. We will share a DevSecOps example using GitLab on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including discussion of transitions from low-to-high networks that leverage GitLab export/import to capture history and context of your CI/CD pipelines, and use automated tools such as vulnerability scanning to accelerate security and ATO processes.

Oracle’s cloud native support and GitLab tools will be highlighted to demonstrate how cloud services such as managed Kubernetes clusters, simple provisioning and connectivity for databases, low-code development tools, and use of Infrastructure as Code with Terraform can enhance innovation and rapid delivery of software for government and commercial enterprises.

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