Brandon Dewitt – Who’s Watching Your Pipeline? Building In Audit-Ready End-to-End Compliance

October 10, 2020


Data transformation—enabling customer insights and actions that empower your organization to create better customer experiences and inform your business’s strategic decisions—starts with a fully-functional development team. In a heavily regulated industry environment, that Dev team must also be able to ensure that the pipeline meets compliance standards and be able to prove that to auditors.

MX recognized, as a FinTech leader in enabling “money experiences’, that they needed to be especially rigorous in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Using GitLab as the foundation, the Dev team built an in-house software application to keep themselves and their pipeline accountable through end-to-end insights and visibility.

Join this session to see how the MX team ensures velocity and data transformation that leads to great customer experiences while guaranteeing that security and compliance requirements are met or exceeded…and that they are audit-ready.

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Guest(s): Brandon Dewitt
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