Benson Muite & Bernard Banta – Building an Online Store With Gitlab Pages

October 10, 2020


Many businesses today find that having an online storefront is increasingly becoming a necessity if they want to maintain and grow their customer base. However, in Kenya where ecommerce is rapidly growing, entrepreneurs and small business owners are finding that many professional ecommerce platforms haven’t been designed for the local market and are either expensive and/or cannot be easily customized for their needs.

Thankfully, checkout tools such as Flutter and Stripe allow one to turn a simple static webpage into an online shop. GitLab CI/CD provides a mechanism to run tests, track changes, and deploy static websites using GitLab Pages. For many small businesses who want their own online space at a low cost and low complexity, this is an ideal solution. This solution is also helpful for projects that have associated merchandise. In this session, Benson will give an overview of how this system is being used in Kenya along with recorded a demo

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