Sladjana Jovanovic – From Silos To Communities – Td Bank Devsecops Transformation

April 30, 2020


From Silos to Communities – TD Bank DevSecOps Transformation

For mature companies, like North American financial institutions, a stable app that is functional 24/7/365 has become the KillerApp, because this is how we measure Trust that our customers have in us in the digital world. This means that we have to make Resiliency a top priority.
The good news is that, nowadays, everyone is bought into resiliency and is willing to invest in it. We in TD Bank have been busy implementing our resiliency framework. Specifically, we have been focusing on changing how much risk we are taking with each release by adopting Agile and making smaller, more frequent releases. To do that, we needed to shift-left automation and work closely with our risk and control partners to establish trust and acceptance. We also had to implement many strategies to mitigate risk in production.
Of course, the hardest part has been changing the mindset. We have worked on improving collaboration between our teams – business, development, security, etc. As a result, we have successfully broken many silos and instead created communities that collaborate and are aligned to the needs of our customers. This has made our people more resilient and has been essential to making our platforms more resilient.

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