Dr Amit Elazari – Security Policy And Regulation Trends For Developers

April 30, 2020


Security is one of the most evolving and impactful landscapes in the regulatory sphere. Proposed initiatives in the areas of Data Protection, Internet of Things, Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) and more are among the most active and developing areas of security regulation around the world. This evolving landscape also serves as an opportunity for innovation, collaboration and harmonization. This talk introduces the audience to the variety and influx of legal and regulatory concepts and proposals shaping the future of security focusing on recent trends. Highlights will include coordinated vulnerability disclosure, researchers’ collaboration, IoT Security, anti-hacking laws, standards efforts and more. We will also talk about bug bounties and vulnerability disclosure, what are some of the industry’s best practices in this area, and how to implement these programs at your organization to foster security, collaboration and transparency.

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