Pankaj Gupta – New Framework to Choose the Right Open Source Product in the Era of Cloud and SaaS

October 28, 2020


Choosing the right open source product used to be relatively simple because there were very few choices. It was easy to gauge the maturity and potential success of an open source product based on the number of contributors, contributions, downloads, and “like” stars on GitHub. While these legacy criteria are still important, they are no longer the primary indicators of success they once were.
Why? Public cloud and SaaS providers have emerged as the new kingmakers of open source, influencing the entire supply chain of an open source product. IT leaders need a new decision-making framework and criteria to select open source products when many options are available for similar functionality. You will come out of this quick talk with a 3-step framework to choose the right open source products while they are emerging and evolving in nascent markets.

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Guest(s): Pankaj Gupta
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