Najib Radzuan – Why Security Engineers Need to Shift Left to DevSecOps

October 28, 2020


In the fusion between DevOps and DevSecOps, the pace and agility of the DevSecOps approach left AppSec and InfoSec Engineers behind. The DevOps squad topology does not traditionally involve the organization’s AppSec and InfoSec Engineers. Many DevOps teams are not included by security engineers as there tends to be a disconnect when it comes to information such as DevSecOps approaches and configuring DevOps CI/CD pipelines. Therefore, it’s essential that security experts start learning the skills and tools surrounding DevSecOps. In this session, attendees will learn:
– An overview of DevSecOps approaches and tools
– The benefits of DevSecOps and the Shift-Left approach
– How to start a DevSecOps journey and where to find support

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Guest(s): Najib Radzuan
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