Guy Bar-Gil – How to Reach Open Source Security Nirvana

October 28, 2020


– Using open source components in today’s modern applications has become the norm – dominating anywhere between 60-80% of the codebase. Given today’s hectic release pace and the desire to release new features on a weekly or even daily basis, this comes as no surprise.

– However, taking into consideration the fact that recent years have seen an upsurge in reported open-source vulnerabilities, whose details and exploits are publicly available, it’s no wonder that organizations are increasingly directing focus towards ensuring that their open-source components are securely integrated into their software.
– Join Guy Bar-Gil, Product Manager at WhiteSource, as he presents:
– The four crucial layers of open-source security;
– How to start integrating continuous security into your SDLC;
– Best practices for organizations to own and execute the security process.

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Guest(s): Guy Bar-Gil
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